Shot/Directed/Edited by @BennyBanksKid

Leaders Pocket Tee Editorial


We have been in business for 5 years officially starting as a record label to now with the addition of our clothing line. The lion has always been the symbol/logo that represented us. Because as the KING of the jungle it represents strength, courage, leadership, & love. Most of all the lion is one of the most loyal animals in the kingdom. These are values that we hold dear to our hearts as human beings. Our movement is about positivity it’s about influencing the younger generation to pursue their dreams and take a hold of their futures. It’s about inspiring our peers to do better when it comes to streetwear We have always been quality over quantity. Where anything we put out can be washed with no worries. The canvas we print on stresses on wearability. We are willing to sacrifice a little profit as long as our KiDs get a top notch piece of clothing. But to teach you must learn to follow first & we have did our homework. We feel that now it’s the perfect time to lead. Thank you guys for the undying support & running with the movement. Hope ya’ll enjoy this pocket tee that we made as an embodiment of everything we are. #LeadersOfThePack

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Long Way To Go – MEDcity

Shot/Directed by @BennyBanksKiD

Summer Vibes

K.i.D Summer Tribe Tank

TribalTank_Ad2TribalTank_Ad Summer Tribe Tanks are available right now in our shop for $20 + S&H! We selected a unique tribal pattern with great inside details. The brown aesthetics surprisingly blended really well with the black tank. We wanted to keep with the theme of box logo cut out and our classic lion logo.

A Train Cypher

Jin x J Reyez x Jargon x Lil Crazed x Rob Campman #RIPSouthStar

These 5 recently did a show together in the city of Chicago. Craziest part is that they have never all been in the same room together. Whether you fuck with each artist’s music or not. You can’t help but respect and smile at the unity of a moment like this. Yes, each have had their share of the limelight but at one time or another they all have been working their asses off to push this Asian American hip-hop culture. Smilez & Southstar had an undeniable single (you can’t tell us you wasn’t rocking to “Tell Me”) that shit was classic. And it just so happens that it’s been 10 years since that Ruff Ryder’s debut from Jin (sweet nostalgia), we are ecstatic to see him back with a new album on the way (#JourneyTo1459) AND rightfully so in great company embracing the new generation.

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K.i.D Bamboo Case Series x BennyBanks

Visual by @BennyBanksKiD

Music by Travis Scott ft. T.I. & 2 Chainz “Upper Echelon”