Lil Crazed


Lil Crazed (Alexander Ou) is a rapper whose roots in hip-hop started with writing poetry at the age of 14. Rapping his poetry over beats from his favorite artists quickly turned into one of the most unique mixes of Hip/Hop and R&B. His fans now reach all over the globe, and his video views are in the millions. His music is emotional, real, and inspiring with a sound that is unlike anything available. His immense YouTube popularity has allowed him to perform all over North America, Europe, and Australia. In order to manage his exploding career Lil Crazed enlisted his cousin to put together a team of individuals whose passion for music matched his. With their help Lil Crazed formed King In Disguise Entertainment, LLC a company specializing in artist management/development and most recently the launch of a clothing line. With all the hats he wears as an artist, father, and CEO Lil Crazed is truly a King in Disguise.